BiPass/Framed Shower Enclosures

BiPass/Framed Shower Enclosures

Simple and elegant a framed shower enclosure suits any opening and pre fabricated bases. Traditionally fabricated out of aluminum, the bar is located around both the top and bottom as well as the sides. Whether it be for existing or new enclosures, CanGlass can create bifold and single door showers that fit your need. With hardware colors ranging from chrome to brass to oil rubbed bronze- there are no limits on the perfect framed enclosure.

Framed Single Door

This traditional shower door is an elegant option that can both tie together other hardware features as well as being functional and durable. The glass is a lighter tempered 6mm glass that can be fabricated with many different glass textures and patterns. Framed doors are usually less in cost as they are found attached to pre fabricated bases and are standard in size.

BiPass Shower Door

Framed Bi Pass shower doors are popular for those enclosures with a pre fabricated tub base. With framing all the way around the outside a truly framed bipass comes in standard sizes but can be custom fit. These are made with 6mm tempered glass. For a more streamline and frameless look there are a few options available that include our Serenity and Hydroslide- both are available for viewing in our showroom. These are made with 10mm tempered glass with your preference of textured or clear glass.