What To Expect

We at CanGlass strive to be efficient and simple so the glass portion of your project is the easiest! Follow these 5 steps:

BOOK an appointment for your FREE consultation. Call us at 403-678-4588 or email

MEET with an estimator to discuss your project goals and budgets.​ They will discuss all options for materials, styles, and brands at that time.

SELECT which products will best suit your needs. Order your selection be sending in a signed copy of your quote. We will request a 50% deposit at that time. (don't like any options? that's ok! Call us to discuss other options)

PREPARE for the installation

*For windows remove all window coverings and furniture that may impede our ability to install.

*For showers ensure that your tile has been installed and sealed.

*For mirrors and wall mounted glass make sure backsplashes are in place and all electrical fixtures have been removed.

​*GET EXCITED your project is almost complete!

INSTALLATION for your product will be pre scheduled and you will receive a confirmation email. We will arrive to site with all materials and construct your project onsite. The installation process may be completed over multiple days. We clean the product thoroughly and test to ensure quality prior to leaving. You will receive a follow up call to ensure we have completed your project to your highest expectations!