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Why? What? How? The glass manufacturing and installation process is both exciting and complicated. This can leave a lot of unanswered curiosities. Our Redseal Journeyman Glaziers are knowledgeable and ready to help. Don't see your question? Give us a call!

Common Questions & Concerns
Can my sealed unit be REPAIRED instead of REPLACED?

We get this question a lot. Some companies advertise repair. They drill a hole and wait for the moisture to evaporate. This DOES NOT reseal your unit. The only way to fix a sealed unit is by manufacturing a new one, creating a vacuum, filling it with gas if Low-E , and sealing it. Nothing else can guarantee energy efficiency.

Will TINTING glass damage my windows?

No- tinting does not damage the glass. If your glass is still under warranty, they will remain under warranty. You can damage the tint though. To keep your tinting safe use only a light soap and water mixture with a non abrasive cloth for cleaning and ensure blinds are not rubbing during lifting and lowering.

Do I need TEMPERED glass? What is the difference?

Depends on what your glass is being used for. All glass found in exterior/interior railing, showers, free standing table tops, and doors need to be tempered due to safety regulations. TEMPERED glass is stronger and shatters into a million pieces protecting you from getting lacerated. ANNEALED (or normal glass) breaks into large pieces. Learn more about types here

Can my shower hardware RUST?

No! The shower hardware we install is stainless steal. It cannot rust. Many people that experience an orange-pink rust like substance are experience soap and shampoo residue. This can be washed off easily with a Magic Eraser.


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